What I Learned From Muay Thai

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 What i learn from my first day in A Muay Thai Gym

As usual, when comes the new year, everyone will at least set some goals to begin their year and start to plan how best to improve their lifestyle. I’m no different. But over time and after experiencing many setback and also success, i now understand that setting goals is not an easy matter. Most people that i know will either take it lightly and come up with what ever that they may have right on top of their mind or something that they may be engrossed in at that moment or something that they have always dreamed of. But for me i think its more than just that.

I believe that our goals should be the product of many deep thoughts, hours of discussion with the people that surrounds you (ie, your family and those who care for you) and it must come out from deep down inside you and is under no influence from others. It cannot be forced onto you and it should be able to make you cry just thinking how badly you want it.

I will not bore you with all my plans in moving forward in 2017 but instead i will share with you something that i have decided to partake, an activity that needs no introduction as i know many people have tried and succeeded, that is to join a Muay Thai gym and commit myself to train as hard as possible in order to shed some unwanted kilos and getting my health back in order.

So today was my first session and boy what a session it was! at the end of the 2 hour session, i probably had ran as much as i did in the entire 2016 combined! Anyway, here are 4 things that i have learned from my first Muay Thai session.

1- Everyone needs a a Teacher.

This point may have slipped at the back of our mind ever since we have completed our tertiary studies. We begin to grow in stature and collect experiences in our journey in life. We begin work and build a family by learning the trade as we get along with it and hoping to be an expert in it after a couple of years. No doubt, it may work but be sure and be willing to go through many roadblock, falling into countless of potholes and ending up facing a brick wall before eventually reaching to the destination. 

If we were to look back in history, we always had someone to teach us, to guide us and to make sure that we can save time on avoiding errors that may slow us in our progress. This guide has been instrumental in shaping who we are today. However we tend to take this fact for granted and begin to explore the possibility of doing it by ourself.

Same goes with Muay Thai. Whats so difficult with throwing punches and landing kicks on a punching bag? Im sure anyone can manage this right?

Wrong! We need an instructor/guide/teacher who has the experience to guide us and to make sure that we do it correctly without injuring ourself and delay our progress. This instructor is also far more knowledgable in this field compared to us. His knowledge will be our assets and guide towards achieving our goals. He knows the corners and every turn there is in this field so trusting him will be a good option for someone who knows nothing about the sport.

The same goes with life, look around us, we have teachers or mentors in every aspects of life but we often overlooked the importance of having one.

We need a Quran teacher to teach us the tajweed rule, We need a knowledgable teacher to explain the tafseer of the Quran to us, We need a teacher to teach us how to drive our car, we need a coach to show us how to complete a triathlon, we always need someone to teach us to do something new! We even use google as our teacher and reference point when we seek a certain information.

No doubt, some of these things can be self thought but when we have someone with the right knowledge around us, that makes it easier and it can save us a lot of trouble in getting things done and to succeed in it. Most importantly, it can expedite the whole process and give you that success faster than the usual. InshaAllah.

2- No short cuts when you are chasing success.

Life has thought me that if we want to be good at something, we have to start from the very beginning. There is no short cuts or an elevator that can take us to where we want to go ASAP. We need to buy time, work it out, slog  long hours and repeat the whole process until we are ready. In short, we need to be able and willing to wipe the ego off the floor and start from zero. If you are not willing to start from below, then be prepared to experience short lived-success

Usually when something is being rushed and done in a hurry, there wont be any sustainability and the result also wont last very long. We should understand that we need to make it a lifestyle rather than just a change of habit. We got to play the part and do what it takes, step by step. 

3- Technique over strength.

Like i said earlier, who doesn’t know how to throw punch or land a kick? Im sure everyone does. But there is a proper technique to do so in order to avoid injury and to make sure that you cause maximum damage in one blow. With the right technique, punching and kicking will be much easier and more economical than it was before.

In life, we may have experienced long hours and hard work but with no result to show. We tend to work on something over and over again hoping to find success in one of those sessions and lastly, being frustrated because we are no where near success. Sounds familiar?

We ofter hear the cry to for us to work smarter rather than work harder, and i guess this is true based on this fact. We need to master the technique and save time on making the mistakes. Learn the correct way of doing it and be smart in knowing how to do  and implement it in our own field of work.

When trying to learn something new, i am often crazy enough to enrol myself in EVERY class there is and usually the knowledge and information will overwhelm me to the point of exhaustion. But with this understanding, we should learn to identify the correct class that will have a bigger and more direct impact towards reaching success that we had intended.

4- Work with the surroundings but focus on your goal

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one in the gym or else my lack of oxygen will be an embarrassment in front of the trainer! We had around 8 eager individuals at the start and the numbers grew as time goes by. By the end of the session, i think we had about 15 people in total.

I realised that everyone had their motivation and drive and im pretty sure each they have their own reasons behind it. No two goals are the same. For me it may be weight loss but for some skinny fellow, it may be for self defence. Whatever the reason may be, we tend to work together in achieving our personal goals.

The surrounding may be working on the same thing but everyone has a different journey and destination. We can work together, share the same ring, run on the same ground, kick the same punching bag however, we must keep our mind focused on our goals and not to be sidelined or distracted by our surroundings.

In life, we often face the same thing. We may be working on the same project at work, but for sure we have different goals to achieve. My point is, if you want to be able to reach your goal, be willing to work with others, but at the same time, never lose focus of your goal and your direction. People may come and go but your goals should remain firm.

An old wise teacher of mine once told,

‘The light may brighten up the room, but focus light becomes laser and laser can cut through steel.’

Given the chance, i hope to learn more and in return inspire more people to take up challenges and experience the best in life. I pray that these little efforts can inspire others to get out from their comfort zone and to achieve more in their lives. I believe that man was created for a purpose and designed to achieve success in this world and in the hereafter, however, the key remains hidden until we make a conscious decision to seek for it.

Should you feel the need for a mentor or a coach to guide you in your journey, drop me an email and we can explore the possibilities together. InshaAllah. My email is shazly@imuslim.my

InshaAllah, i pray that you will find success in whatever that you do and find the drive to sustain throughout the entire journey.

Shazly Khan

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    Good points highlighted Ustadz..! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    Terbaik …Mlm ni join Muay Thai

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