A Ramadan To Remember

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Ramadan to Remember

Have you entered Ramadan or has Ramadan entered you?

This question often lingers in my mind and has brought me to think about how has Ramadan effected the changes in me. A special month where we wait for it’s arrival and then cry at it’s departure however if we don’t take our chances well, we will not even realise the coming and going of this special guest. Then at this junction, you have entered and also left Ramadan. For some it may 29 days of and for others it may be shorter.

One which is more satisfying and fulfilling is when we have open up and allowed Ramadan to enter us. Willingness to adopt and absorb all the goodness that has come in this blessed month and to live with it through out the entire months leading to the next Ramadan, inshaAllah. All the acts of ibadah that we have trained ourselves to do, all the  changes that we have made to our lifestyle and the alignment of our focus and mindset is not just centred around Ramadan only but to extend further even outside of this blessed period. It is a month where we train improve ourselves NOT just for this Ramadan, but for a lasting period even after Eid.

Here are some steps that you can take to make the most out of this blessed month and inshaAllah adopt it in our lives even outside of Ramadan.

1- Plan everything in advance.

To make the most out of our time, we should be able to plan and organise our day in advance by creating a realistic and do-able schedule, from daily activities and also the ibadah that we want to carry out throughout Ramadan. Once we have got used to such a schedule and after carrying it out repeatedly, it will soon be habit that you cant live without such as reading the Quran, the extra nawafil (voluntary) prayers and all the other good deeds that you may have done over and over again in this blessed month.

Setting up a routine may sound very daunting at first but it is actually very easy. Write down your priorities first and plot them into your schedule. Only after doing so, then comes the rest of the schedule. This will set you up mentally to put these priorities ahead of others and giving it the attention that it needs. Setting up these routines will help you to get control of your life, not just in Ramadan, but also our side of it.

2- Remove distractions

We live in a world where everything and everyone wants a piece of you. The online  connectivity makes us very accessible to people and also to apps and makes devices very pleasurable such as the tablets and telephone. I dont know about you, but realistically we cannot live without our mobile phones and all the other devices, right?

I honestly would like to believe that this is WRONG!

I came from the generation where we are not dependant on the mobile phone and we go out meeting friends and carry out our appointments by planning in advance and not having to rely on the smart phones to set us up with friends. So what change? We did.

Some change can be good and some can be detrimental to our well being so to take a middle path, i would strongly suggest that we limit the intrusion of these devices into our lives. Have it and use it periodically with caution. Take advantage of this special month to DETOX from those devices that may take your focus away from what is truly important. Uninstall those pesky apps that takes most of your attention such as FB and  whatsapp and only have them open on your desktop when you have to.

Having said that, I strongly believe in having the right apps to help us manage our life better and hopefully this kind of apps can help us to focus more on what we need to do and that is to focus on life outside of the internet world. If you are familiar with my social media accounts, then surely you must have seen the regular updates that i have on my Facebook & Twitter and all the other pages that i am managing. These postings are  all done in advance (some are done as far as 30 days before) to avoid me from being stuck to the screen when i should be reading the Quran!

In a way, I may look like I am always online but in actual fact, I am NOT. I have uninstalled all the apps on my phone and I am no longer connected. I may still access it when ever needed from my computer. With proper planning and organisation, i can see this working out very well even outside of Ramadan inshaAllah.

3-Installing Focus

Now that your phone is void of any distraction, you will immediately feel that sense of absence when you pick up your device. A recent study shows that on the average, we pick up our phone 85 times a day! Now with the absence of all these pesky apps, what will you check you phone for? This is the right time for you to have the Quran app installed on the front page of your mobile phone and all the other apps that can help you to dedicate your attention to Ramadan and all the goodness that it brings.

There are plenty of apps in the market that can help you to put your attention on the right place and focus on the right thing. Here are 3 apps worthy of a mention, they are ‘Quran Majeed’, ’Ramadan Legacy’ and ‘ShareTheMeal’. Do check them out and support them where ever possible.

I strongly believe by taking action on these 3 important points that i have mentioned above, we will be able to enjoy the sweetness of all our ibadah without any disturbances and distractions and focus on what we needed to do most such as Salah, Quran, Dhikr, Doa, Sadaqah and also gaining knowledge.

I pray that this will be one of your best ever Ramadan yet and May Allah accept all the hard work and dedication that we have put in for His sake.

Shazly Khan.

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