What is your WHY?

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Very few people and very few organisation can state clearly why they do what they do. And by why, I don’t mean to make money – That is the result. By WHY I mean whats your purpose, what is your cause and what is your beliefs? Why does your company exist? Why did you get out of bed this morning? And why should anyone care?

What is your WHY? What is your gift? Are you an artist? Are you the talent that can produce something that no one else can? Could it be a skill or a product or a service or some impact?

To have a purpose is to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. Be it religion, community or a cause or just a reason to get out of bed each morning. It gives us something to aim for and helps to clarify our intention. It also inspires us and makes our hearts and bellies warm with excitement.

Life is worth living when you find that purpose. If we are to be great in this world we got to have this WHY. We got to have a reason to do what we do.

You want to live a life of success, happiness and fulfilment, then you must find your purpose. If you don’t know what your purpose is, if you don’t know what drives you, what inspires you then you have no reason to improve your life. How can you improve your life if you have no reason to improve it? Why do you do what you do? Whats the reason? Why do you exist?

Do you know what it takes to be great and successful? Are you willing to go the extra mile? One thing for sure, you WILL get tired and you will catch some lows, but if you have a WHY – it will give you that extra strength, that extra foot you need, that extra hour that you need, the courage.

Why are you different from everyone else, what makes you stand out? Why are you so important? FIND YOUR WHY. Your WHY will pull you up when you feel like you don’t have the strength, your WHY will keep you fighting when everyone else things you are down and out.

WHY – Who are you fighting for? What drives you? Your purpose is that one thing that lights you up. Its that one thing that will get you up early. That one thing, when you are doing it, time stops. Your purpose will always lights up a fire in you.

I suggest that you set aside some time everyday 10-15 minutes to read up on motivational articles, listen audios and things that can turn you positive everyday, invest in yourself and tell your self that it is possible and then once you have found out what you want, spend the rest of your natural life awake and going after it.

If you do what is easy, life will be hard but if you do what is hard, your life will be easy inshaAllah.

The secret is this, what is going to be an extraordinary life to you? – getting clear about that, at this stage of life, where you are & where you want to go? Its about ‘how can I find the gift that I have, and to give it to the world and how can I add value to those around me’. This will truly make a difference in your life.

You must operate from this larger vision of yourself. You must see yourself doing the things that you want to do. Experiencing what you want to experience. Having what you want to have. Doing something that gives your life some meaning and value.

The major key to you living your dream, for you to live up to your greatness and making that contribution is YOU. I believe all of us have some purpose for being here but the problem with most of us is that we don’t have a why for what we are doing.

You need to establish where you are in your life today and where do you really want to go. What does it take to create this extraordinary life that you crave for? This chapter in your life is not happening yet but you have the power and the ability to shape it as how you would want it to be.

The first step is to have a vision. A vision for what it is that you truly want.  A vision about what you are here to create. A vision that excites you, and it has to compel you and has the power to pull you – not something that you have to push yourself to do.

There is 2 kinds of motivation. Push – requires will power and willpower NEVER last. What will last is the PULL. Having something so exciting, so attractive, something you desire so much that you will have a hard time going to sleep at night and you rise so early in the morning just to chase it. This PULL is your big WHY.

You have the ability to do more than you can imagine and what Im suggesting to you is to stretch yourself and constantly look for ways that can set yourself apart from others. What is it that you can do to make you stand out.

For some of us, purpose is grounded in popularity, power and money. For others, the focus is growth and contribution. What matters most is that we pursue our purpose for the right reason – because its something we believe in, rather than something someone else is steering us towards.


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