5 Tips on how to find SUCCESS in 2018

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Before we know it, 2017 will be done and the whole world will be either in holiday mood or still trying to be sober from the new year’s celebration. Either way, the majority among us will be planning our 2018 and setting up that often cliché ‘New Year Resolution’ all over again!

However, it’s very rare you’ll keep your resolutions for the whole year. According to the BUSINESS INSIDER approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, so the odds are against you.

So here are some steps that I took to ensure that my 2017 goals runs from January till December and how I actually ACHIEVED THEM!

1- Exercise more and stick to a plan.

I did a medical check up on the 31st of December 2016 and without much surprise, I saw the numbers spike up.. from my cholesterol, blood pressure and every other thing that was measurable. I had to make a change or risk getting a heart attack together with my ever increasing waist-line.

So I did a little study and searched for the types of activities that I can take part and start making a difference. I realised that if I were to do it all alone, then the chances of going lame after the first month would be high so I signed up for group classes instead and seek the company of other motivated individuals.

I enrolled myself into a Muay Thai gym and joined their classes twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday morning without fail – from January till October. However, since I had moved to New Zealand, I had no choice but to terminate my contract and stop attending them. Now am substituting the Muay Thai classes with some gym work instead.

My beginning weight was 128 kg and today, I am at 107kg.

Apart from that, I also had created a running group that I called The TEAM #FATMANCANRUN.  Its a Facebook group and open to everyone with a similar goal in mind. We meet up every Saturday or Sunday mornings to do brisk walking and eventually as we got better, we took part in marathons, some did the full and some did the half. Never the less, the changes that we experienced as a group was really inspiring and that got everyone moving forward.

So take away point #1 is to exercise more BUT don’t do it alone. Join a group or find/create a group that can help to motivate each other and create a plan and strive towards it. Plan , Plan and Plan.. then Act, Act and ACT upon those plans.

What many don’t realise is that the healthy body works in tandem with a healthy mind. I saw many of my projects got completed way ahead of time and I hit a many personal landmarks due to my high productivity rate – which was a direct result of the healthy body – mind – soul.

Instead of just focusing on how much calorie I burn, I focused more on the new lifestyle that comes automatically. Good food, good routine and good circle of friends – which eventually gave me a good result, alhamdulillah.

2- Set a clear goal and understand the reason behind it. 

I always use the metaphor of an Auto-pilot to make my students understand this better — You let life take over the controls and go with the flow. You let the circumstances around you to determine your speed, direction and also altitude & attitude.

Unfortunately, that should NOT be the case in life. If you dont know where you are going, then the chances for you to reach your destination will be pretty slim OR it will take you to a destination that is less desirable than intended. We must accept the fact that the surrounding circumstances will not change for you however you have it in your hand to determine how you should react to these circumstances.

And all these starts with a clear goal in mind and then WRITING it down to make it more visible. Without a clear goal, it is hard to navigate your path and almost impossible to measure your success or achievement along the way.

I once heard a very intriguing line ‘If you don’t have a plan, then you will fall into someone else’s plan, like it or not’. I find this very hard to disagree.

Imagine yourself 5 or 10 or 20 years in the future and start visioning what kind of life that you want to live in, start imagining yourself as the person who you would like to be. See yourself becoming that person and start planning and write down what are the plans that you need to execute in order to be that person. Write a PLAN. It may not happen in the first try but don’t give up and keep doing it until you get a hang of it and then the next key is to TAKE ACTION!

All the best plan in the world wont turn you into that super human that you envision yourself to be unless you TAKE ACTION. Give yourself time and allow yourself room to fail because it is during those failures that we will learn and find the best workable solutions in life. Fail successfully and learn from them.

Ignore your present situation because that will only determine where you start and NOT where you END! Forget about your past. All that has happened, be it good or bad will be lessons that you can learn from. Use your imagination to take you to the next level.

To be continued – Part 2


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