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There’s a lot of bad productivity
advice that’s widely practiced

As the nature of our work changes so much, you may not even be able to spot
some of the time-wasters hiding in your schedule right now.

Have you felt miserable and lost all desire to achieve whatever that you
  have set yourself up for?

Or felt like giving up because of constraints that you are unable to handle?

By managing your productivity and re-aligning your focus in life, we will be able to achieve much more than you have ever imagined.

The question that we constantly struggle with when it comes to productivity is

“How to achieve more and get more
results out of each day?”

But there’s an even more important question, and that is why should we get more things done?

Our challenge is not to put more time in our lives, but to put more life in our time.
Course Content

Learn mastery of your daily schedule & your to-do list

You will cover all these and much more!

Learn the Ultimate System for Planning Your Week, Month, Quarter and Year. We will cover every stage of the planning process (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly), and how to tailor it to suit your lifestyle and to achieve any goals that you may have.

We can’t manage time because we have no power over which we have no control but we can manage how we use time. We will learn how to manage what we do with the time we have.

In order to perform at our ultimate best, we will need to overhaul our mindset and change the way we look at things and how we run our daily lives.

Motivation is not something that runs in the blood, we will have to learn to seek for this super strength and utilise it towards the ultimate goals.

Everyone has goals and targets in life but very few actually achieve them because goals are either unrealistic or there is no clear road map to achieve them. We will unearth the hidden path to achieve your goals by performing at the peak of productivity.

We will apply hands on to the best productivity tools available to make better use of time and for increasing productivity and efficiency.

What is productivity?

Productivity is one of the most important yet least
understood areas of economics

Over long periods, it is the only pathway toward higher levels of prosperity.

There are a number of ways to describe productivity – from the technical ‘output per worker’ to the colloquial ‘working smarter, not harder’.

Lifting productivity has to do with how smartly people combine different resources to their advantage and with the right choices, higher production, higher value and higher incomes can be achieved for every effort that you put in.

Why does productivity matter?

Productivity is the mechanism through which societies progress and the higher the productivity of a person, the more wellbeing they can afford and the more wellbeing options they can choose from..

Productivity is the mechanism through which societies progress and the higher the productivity of a person, the more wellbeing they can afford and the more
wellbeing options they can choose from..

How is productivity lifted?

Lifting productivity takes time. It requires deliberate choices, patience and perseverance and underpinned by concerted effort in seeking knowledge to improve oneself.

Even small increases in productivity growth, if sustained,can have a big
impact on income and wellbeing of a person and their family.

Why do some people fail in their productivity?

The productivity slowdown is real and if no action is being taken, it will last generations long and it will not going away. There are plenty of reasons why the dip in productivity but very few actually focus on ways to overcome them.

Poor Management Issues

Ineffective management practices decreases a person's productivity in many ways. Most will not understand the purpose of having a task and having no real solution or method in getting the job done.


Learning to identify and eliminate the biggest distractions in your day to day work life can lead to more productivity, free time and, ultimately, happiness.

Stress Related Issues

It’s true that stress can be a health risk and that we’re often encouraged to avoid it if we want to live happy but apart from being health related, it also damages your productivity level and indirectly will effect your long term results.

Bad Health

Concentration and the power to focus depends much on your physical health and the healthier you are, the more energy you have, the better the outcome and your result will be.

How productive are you?

If you want directions to a desired destination, you need at least two pieces of information:

The end point and the start point. Identifying our current location is key to getting where we want to go. But when it comes to your productivity, how do you know where you really stand?
These questions will help you to identify your current level.

Are you in complete control of your time and you have schedules prepared in advance?

How confident are you in your task tracking and scheduling system?

How do you feel about your workload?

Are you satisfied with how you are balancing between work & play & family time?

Are you hitting your datelines?

Do you know how to prioritise your workload?

Do you get to spend time doing what you love?

Do you want to achieve more?

you can do it!

"You have potential in you and you have to believe in yourself and take the right action"

I will be hosting this one day seminar where I will teach you step by step on how to turn your life upside down in a positive way and create a lasting impact in yourself and your future.

You may feel like you are floundering and failing and probably feel overwhelmed and are not confident looking at the progress that you have now. Well, let me encourage you. I dont care what your life circumstances are or what type of personality you have, you CAN be more productive. I have seen it happen over and over again with my students and coaching clients.

Shazly Khan

I encourage you to join me

The next step you take will and may determine the direction in your life and your future.

Let me show you how easy it can be to reduce the amount of overwhelming issues in your daily schedule. Register now and I’ll see you at the seminar!


Invest in your life and improve yourself and your personal growth.
Make a positive change today and join this seminar now.

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Productivity Power Course Booklet
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FREE Productivity Power Ebook
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Productivity Power Course Booklet
FREE 'Set up for success' Action Planner Ebook
FREE Productivity Power Ebook
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Breakfast and Drinks for 2 person
Entrance to Special Sakupenuh FB Group

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29TH APRIL 2017

Join me for this super special seminar and I give you my word that you will love it and you will see the changes you want in your live and notice the improvement right away.